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موتورهای جستجوی تخصصی

Meta Search Engines

  • 43 Marks - offers separate searches of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Wikipedia with a one-click toggle between search results; also serves as a personal home page for collecting bookmarks
  • Browsys - offers Search Assistant for searching numerous sources including the social and the deep Web; Virtual Folders allow users to create, save and bookmark custom folders containing up to 12 favorite sites
  • Cacti Search - search Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask, and retrive a collated results list with an option to view results from each engine separately
  • Dogpile - search numerous search engines and presented collated results; also presents concept clusters for viewing results organized by keywords or topics
  • Favitt - search Google, YouTube, Bing, Ebay, LastFM, Hulu and more; customize your Favitt page and add any search engine to your collection of searchable sites; results are viewed separately
  • iBoogie - offers searches of the Web and multimedia, and supplies real-time concept clustering of results
  • Ixquick - ranks results based on top ten rankings from the source sites; allows any type of search syntax and will translate and direct your search accordingly
  • Keotag - type a keyword or phrase and select your results from the general Web and the past 30 days of blog postings from numerous blog aggregators; you can subscribe to an RSS feed to track this search or create an OMPL file with your tag from all feeds
  • Mamma - retrieve results from numerous sources; also offers search suggestions related to your search
  • MetaCrawler - retrieve results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask; also offers search suggestions related to your search
  • Searchzooka - offers advanced search options on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Digg and Technorati with a single mouse click; users can save searches for future use, organize the searches into folders, and clone new searches from existing ones
  • SortFix - conduct a search, then drag suggested search terms into a box to add to your search; also drag terms to remove them from your search or do a dictionary definition lookup; searches Google, Bing and Bing Images, Twitter and YouTube
  • SurfWax - offers options to see a quick view of sites in the search results list to determine relevancy and choose alternative search terms for a subsequent search from a thesaurus; offers personalization options; offers SurfWax LookAhead with "Dynamic Search Navigation" that retrieves results from RSS feeds as you type various kinds of queries
  • URL.com - returns the top ten results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and allows users to comment on and vote on the results
  • Virtual Learning Resources Center - searches several high quality directories; also offers its own directory
  • WhoNu - semantic tool that searches a large number of resource types, including deep Web sources, and suggests alterate topics
  • ZapMeta - searches a handful of sources, and offers concept clusters for organizing search results
  • Zuula - searches the Web, images, news, blogs and jobs postings, and returns results from multiple search tools in configurable separate tabs

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General Search Engines

موتورهای جستجوی عمومی

  • Alexa Web Search - analyzes site traffic including ranking, global users, pages linking to the site, and links to related pages of interest
  • AllTheWeb - returns results quickly from a database gathered by the Yahoo! crawler; offers multimedia and news searches; has a good advanced search interface
  • Ask.com - general search engine enhanced by a number of specialty searches including a dictionary, thesaurus, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, news and more
  • Bing - Microsoft engine that displays excerpts from sites retrieved by your search and offers related search suggestions; multimedia and other deep Web results are also displayed. Also check out Bing Maps.
  • Blekko - retrieves results from trustworthy sites and offers filtered searching with the use of slash tags, e.g., global warming /climate; can sort results by relevance or date
  • ChaCha - offers live human guides to help answer queries; focuses on questions from mobile devices
  • Exalead - offers concept clustering of results, thumbnail images of retrieved sites, and customization options such as organization of results by file type, geography or modification date
  • Factbites - searches for full topic matches and returns meaningful, full sentence excerpts of sites in its results list
  • FindFiles.net - searches for all MIME types found on the Web, for example audio, video, images, software, PDF files, text documents, cascading style sheets, xml documents and zip archives
  • Google - Web's most popular search engine that retrieves results in real time as you type your search. Also check out EcoSmartSearch.com, a Google-powered search engine with a black background display that saves energy. Google offers a number of Services that are worth exploring, including:
  • Google Blog Search, for searching blog entries
  • Google Book Search, for searching the full text of books from most publishers in the U.S.
  • Google Directory, for searching the Google version of the Open Directory
  • Google Scholar, offers the full text, abstracts, and/or citations to scholarly materials including books, journal articles, documents in academic repositories and the free Web. This link will allow you to access the full text of articles in journals to which the Libraries subscribe when you are off campus.
  • Google U.S. Government Search, a searchable database of U.S. government Web sites (.gov and .mil) ranked by link popularity
  • Hakia - organizes results into types of information sources, including "credible " sites recommended by librarians
  • iSEEK Education - offers authoritative resources from university, government, and established noncommercial providers; organizes results into concept clusters, and also allows users to recommend and rate sites
  • Lycos - general search engine that also offers searches of a few deep Web content sources including people look-up, yellow pages, and multimedia
  • Quintura - displays a type of tag cloud with keywords related to your search that can be selected to generate new results
  • SearchEdu.com - service that limits results to the .edu, domain; also offers to search well-known dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, etc. See also:
  • SearchGov.com - .gov domain
  • SearchMil.com - .mil domain
  • SnappyFingers - searches millions of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to user queries
  • Sproose - searches Yahoo! and allows users to comment on and vote on its search results
  • Webbrain - offers results in visual layout of related terms for subsequent searching
  • Wolfram|Alpha - enter a question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and own collection of data to compute the answer
  • Yahoo! - portal with a general Web search and many other content services


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موتورهاي جستجو



yahoo   | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

google     | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

bing  | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

altavista  | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

search   | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

metacrawler   | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي

Aolsearch  | داراي قابليت جستجوي فارسي











Blog Search Engine














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وقتی جستجویی در یک موتور جستجوگر انجام و نتایج جستجو ارایه می شود، کاربران در واقع نتیجه کار بخش های متفاوت موتور جستجوگر را می بینند. موتور جستجوگر قبلا" پایگاه داده اش را آماده کرده است و این گونه نیست که درست در همان لحظه جستجو، تمام وب را بگردد. بسیاری از خود می پرسند که چگونه امکان دارد گوگل در کمتر از یک ثانیه تمام سایت های وب را بگردد و میلیون ها صفحه را در نتایج جستجوی خود ارایه کند؟
نه گوگل و نه هیچ موتور جستجوگر دیگری توانایی انجام این کار را ندارند. همه آنها در زمان پاسخ گویی به کاربران، تنها در پایگاه داده ای که در اختیار دارند به جستجو می پردازند و نه در وب!
موتور جستجوگر به کمک بخش های متفاوت خود، اطلاعات مورد نیاز را قبلا" جمع آوری، تجزیه و تحلیل می کند و آنرا در پایگاه داده اش ذخیره می نماید و به هنگام جستجوی کاربر تنها در همین پایگاه داده می گردد.
بخش های مجزای یک موتور جستجوگر عبارتند از:

• Spider یا عنکبوت
• Crawler یا خزنده
• Indexer یا بایگانی کننده
• Database یا پایگاه داده
• Ranker یا سیستم رتبه بندی

ادامه مطلب
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Desktop search engines

Name Platform Remarks License
Autonomy Windows IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search. Proprietary, commercial
Beagle Linux Open source desktop search tool for Linux based on Lucene A mix of the X11/MIT License and the Apache License
Copernic Desktop Search Windows Considered best overall search engine in 2005 UW benchmark study.[1] Free for home use
Docco cross-platform (Java) Based on Apache's indexing and search engine Lucene, and it requires a Java Runtime Environment. BSD License [2]
Docfetcher Cross-platform Open source desktop search tool for Windows and Linux, based on Apache Lucene Eclipse Public License
dtSearch Desktop Windows
Proprietary (30 day trial)
Easyfind Mac OS
Everything Windows Find files and folders by name instantly on NTFS volumes Freeware
Google Desktop Linux, Mac OS, Windows Integrates with the main Google search engine page. 5.9 Release now supports x64 systems. Freeware
GNOME Storage Linux Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL
imgSeek Linux, Mac OS, Windows Desktop content-based image search GPL v2 [3]
InSight Desktop Search Windows Metadata-based search utility Freeware
ISYS Search Software Windows ISYS:desktop search software. Proprietary (14 day trial)
Likasoft Archivarius 3000 Windows - Proprietary (30 day trial)
Meta Tracker Linux, Unix Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL v2 [4]
Recoll Linux, Unix Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL [5]
Spotlight Mac OS Found in Apple Mac OS X "Tiger" and later OS X releases. Proprietary
Strigi Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows Cross-platform open source desktop search engine LGPL v2 [6]
Terrier Search Engine Linux, Mac OS, Unix Desktop search for Windows, Mac OS X (Tiger), Unix/Linux. MPL
Tropes Zoom Windows Semantic Search Engine. Freeware and commercial
Windows Search Windows Part of Windows Vista and later OSs. Available as Windows Desktop Search for Windows XP and Server 2003. Does not support indexing UNC paths on x64 systems. Proprietary, freeware
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By information type

Search engines dedicated to a specific kind of information




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Timeline (full list)
Year Engine Current status
1993 W3Catalog Closed
Aliweb Active
JumpStation Active
1994 WebCrawler Active
Go.com Active
Lycos Active
1995 AltaVista Active
Daum Active
Open Text Web Index Active [2]
Magellan Active
Excite Active
SAPO Active
Yahoo! Active, Launched as a directory
1996 Dogpile Active
Inktomi Active
HotBot Active
Ask Jeeves Active
1997 Northern Light Active
Yandex Active
1998 Google Active
MSN Search Active as Bing
1999 AlltheWeb Active
GenieKnows Active
Naver Active
Teoma Active
Vivisimo Active
2000 Baidu Active
Exalead Active
2002 Inktomi Acquired by Yahoo!
2003 Info.com Active
2004 Yahoo! Search Active, Launched own web search (see Yahoo! Directory, 1995)
A9.com Closed
Sogou Active
2005 Ask.com Active
GoodSearch Active
SearchMe Active
2006 wikiseek Active
Quaero Active
Ask.com Active
Live Search Active as Bing, Launched as rebranded MSN Search
ChaCha Active
Guruji.com Active
2007 wikiseek Closed
Sproose Closed
Wikia Search Active
Blackle.com Active
2008 Powerset Acquired by Microsoft
Picollator Closed
Viewzi Closed
Boogami Active
LeapFish Active
Forestle Active
VADLO Active
Duck Duck Go Active
2009 Bing Active, Launched as rebranded Live Search
Yebol Active
Mugurdy Closed due to a lack of funding
Goby Active
2010 Yandex Active, Launched global (English) search
Cuil Closed
Blekko Active
Viewzi Closed due to a lack of funding
Yummly Active
2011 Exalead Acquired by Dassault Systèmes
Yebol Domain name expired